Study Break

Well, now I really haven’t posted in a while 🙂

As you might have guessed, school has managed to kept me wrapt in angst as we approach the final six or so weeks of class. I am caught up in work for class as well as the spring concert of a world dance group I am involved, and on top of all that, my latest project: summer arts classes for high-school aged kids in Accra, Ghana.

But I’m taking a mini-vacation from all that for a second or two…

Going back to my obsession with stories, like that old saying: until the lions get an historian, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. Who better to instill the values of chronicling in than our young ones? Who better to learn our history, and write it down, and keep it in minds and hearts? Yes, we ourselves, this current generation are largely ignorant of our history before the arrival of the Portuguese and the intricacies of the cultures of our own highly individual tribes. We have lost so much and we continue to lose because we are not telling our stories, we are not writing them down or preserving them in forms that can be looked back upon. What we have are shades of a Western fallacy which we parade as “entertainment”.

I want our children to learn to tell real stories. Their stories.

I laugh when I hear people complain about how Ghanaian music or movies never win awards. Why do you think that is? Think about that for a little, will you?

Just a couple of late-night randoms brought on by my blanking on a paper.

Back to work.


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